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The San Antonio Housing Trust creates and preserves housing that is affordable, accessible, attainable, and/or sustainable. We provide education, resources, and strategic partnerships with affordable-housing-related charities, social enterprises, and builders. This creates a community that builds and sustains neighborhoods, empowers residents, and provides positive equitable outcomes.

San Antonio Housing Trust

The San Antonio Housing Trust is a fund established with a $10 million corpus by the City of San Antonio governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the San Antonio City Council. The Board of Trustees reviews and recommends decisions to the entirety of San Antonio City Council on the Housing Trust Fund. The Trust earns interest from an established corpus, revenue generated from prior loan repayments, funds sourced from the other Trust entities, funds sourced from the City, and donations. The Trust is also capable of accepting and holding land in Trust.

SAHT Foundation, Inc.

The day-to-day administration of the Housing Trust Fund and its affiliated entities is performed by the San Antonio Housing Trust Foundation, Inc. which was initially formed in 1991, as a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, under contract with the City of San Antonio. The Foundation provides administrative support for all the Trust entities and utilizes revenues from the Housing Trust Fund and a portion of revenues from the PFC/FC to deliver affordable housing programs that serve vulnerable populations, non-profits, and social enterprises.

SAHT Public Facility Corporation

The San Antonio Housing Trust Public Facilities Corporation (PFC) is a tool utilized by the Trust, pursuant to Chapter 303 of the Texas Local Government Code, to create new affordable housing opportunities with the development community. This structure allows a property tax exemption which reduces operating expenses and sales tax exemption which reduces building costs thus allowing an affordable housing project to be financially feasible. In exchange, the community receives both affordable units and a financial return to support other affordable housing initiatives. The PFC can partner on Private Equity structured deals and Tax Credit Equity structured deals, as well as, HUD and other federally backed institutions. In addition to the tax exempting powers, the PFC is able to acquire, construct, rehabilitate, renovate, repair, equip, furnish, and place in service affordable housing.

SAHT Finance Corporation

An entity formed by the Trust for the sole purpose of issuing private activity bonds to support the development or preservation of affordable housing projects. The Texas Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program requires applicants to have a reservation induced by bond-inducing entities. The San Antonio Housing Trust Finance Corporation (SAHTFC) was formed by the City of San Antonio in 1997 to act as a financial pass-through entity to issue bonds to provide lower-than-market-rate financing for affordable single and multi-family housing.

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