disABILITYsa Awarded $1 Per Year Lease Agreement by San Antonio Housing Trust

(San Antonio, TX – March 12, 2024) – The San Antonio Housing Trust Foundation, a 501(c)(3), has partnered with disABILITYsa to occupy a historic farmhouse owned by the Foundation, which served as their headquarters from 2001-2023. As part of a five-year lease agreement, disABILITYsa will pay only $1 per year to lease the property and will in turn commit to preserving & maintaining the historic building as well as provide accessibility improvements to serve their needs.

The partnership is a result of an RFP released by the Foundation for opportunities with local nonprofits that align with San Antonio Housing Trust Foundation’s mission and the City of San Antonio’s Strategic Housing Implementation Plan.

The home, located at 2515 Blanco Road, San Antonio, The McIlvaine Farmhouse was constructed in 1891. In 2001, the San Antonio Housing Trust Foundation moved the 110-year-old McIlvaine Farmhouse to its current address at 2515 Blanco Road. In 2004, the San Antonio Housing Trust Foundation renovated the Farmhouse for its Executive Offices.

disABILITYsa is a nonprofit whose mission is to educate, advance, and engage people with disabilities by building connections, exchanging information, creating opportunities, and strengthening our disability community in the Greater San Antonio area. They are engaged in key areas such as housing, transportation, healthcare, socialization, education, and employment.

The rent savings that disABILITYsa will enjoy will allow the nonprofit to expand its staff and programming and centralize their physical needs. Improvements planned for their new space include accessibility upgrades.

“I am so excited to partner with such an inclusive agency. disABILITYsa so closely aligns with the core values of the San Antonio Housing Trust Foundation in terms of moving forward our community in terms of equity and justice,” said Pete Alanis, Executive Director of SAHT Foundation. “One in seven San Antonian’s has a form of disability. disABILITYsa pushes to ensure all San Antonian’s are equally represented in key systems such as housing, health, and transportation.”

“This opportunity has provided disABILITYsa with leverage to build our capacity both in staff and facilities further supporting the growth of our programs,” said Melanie Cawthon, Co-Founder/CEO, disABILITYsa. “As we work toward a vision where San Antonio is the #1 community where people with disabilities want to live, learn, work, and play; we depend on strategic partnerships, like the one we have with the SAHT, to help change and improve the way we include disability considerations in the future planning of our community.”


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