San Antonio Housing Trust opens applications for community members to join Board of Directors

Community being invited to help facilitate affordable housing

San Antonio, Texas (July 2, 2021) – San Antonians are being asked to help shape the future of affordable housing by applying to join the Board of Directors for the San Antonio Housing Trust. The Trust’s Board of Directors will consist of five City Council members and six members of the community.

“It is crucial that the people of San Antonio help to decide how we create housing solutions that are affordable, accessible, attainable, and sustainable,” said Pete Alanis, Executive Director of the San Antonio Housing Trust. “From building a community of tiny homes for older adults experiencing homelessness, to preserving historic homes on the West Side, to finding partnership opportunities to create and preserve deeper affordability in housing—there are so many opportunities for how we can address our affordable housing crisis in our community, but we need you do it!”


The Trust is seeking community members with housing perspectives and expertise. Of the six community members to join the board, three should have prior experience in housing advocacy, non-profit fundraising, policy making, community engagement, or reside in an affordable housing unit. The other three should have experience in real estate, financial underwriting, property development, housing finance, capital markets, lending, construction, property management, or other relevant housing industry experience.

“Community Board members will help the San Antonio Housing Trust by balancing the board with their collective skillsets and interests, providing perspectives in decision making, enhancing transparency, and providing unified policy development,” added Pete Alanis.


Terms are for four-year terms with the opportunity to renew for another four years. Board members on average attend one formal and one sub-committee meeting each month, as well as local events.

About the San Antonio Housing Trust

Created in 1991, the SAHT provides financial assistance for projects that create and preserve housing that is affordable, accessible, attainable, and/or sustainable to residents within the City of San Antonio. The Trust also supports community development efforts to build and sustain neighborhoods, empower residents, and provide positive and equitable outcomes.

How to apply:

To apply to join the Board of Directors for the San Antonio Housing Trust, please visit here and scroll down to San Antonio Housing Trust to apply by July 30, 2021. For application instructions please contact the Office of the City Clerk at (210) 207-7253 or via email at


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