Toni Brumfield

Board Member

Meet Antoinette Brumfield, also known as Toni!

Antoinette Brumfield Antoinette Brumfield is a dedicated mother of two accomplished college graduates and a loving wife. With over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry, she has been a steadfast Branch Manager, and loan officer, specializing in helping first-time homebuyers turn their dreams into reality. Antoinette’s true passion lies in making the home buying process smoother and more attainable for those embarking on this significant life step.

Beyond her professional achievements, Antoinette is deeply engaged in her San Antonio community. She serves as an active board member of the San Antonio Housing Trust, contributing her expertise to improve housing accessibility and affordability for all residents. Her commitment to community welfare doesn’t stop there—she has also made history as the first female accepted into the South Texas Blood and Tissue Heroes at Arms Program. Through her involvement, this groundbreaking initiative has achieved remarkable results, leading to a 48% reduction in deaths from traumatic injuries and saving countless lives each year.

Antoinette’s multifaceted accomplishments reflect her unwavering dedication to family, community, and the betterment of society at large.